3 Ways to Shop More Sustainably

3 Ways to Shop More Sustainably

You want to be sustainable. You want to do the right thing. Your favorite store, however, hasn't made any efforts to become more green. What do you do? This situation can be tricky in a time when we so desperately need sustainability efforts by companies, but change is a slow moving train. Let's dive into 3 ways you can shop more sustainably! 

Avoid Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has become deeply engrained in the fashion world today. You really can't go shopping for a new wardrobe without meeting some fast fashion elements. For anyone that doesn't know, fast fashion is the industry where clothing is mass produced (usually in unethical circumstances). Many fast fashion retailers have been known for harsh working conditions, extremely low pay, harmful materials, and stolen designs. Of course, so many people are drawn to fast fashion pieces because of their low cost. We get it, you would do it too for a check. However, there are ways to avoid those negative impacts while still finding fresh, trendy pieces.

The largest way to build your style without building fast fashion empires is to shop resold fashion. Thrifted clothing is not breaking news, but it really does have an impact. If you think about the life of the clothes in your closet, it might be limited to a few years. If those clothes are then resold and swapped, then they can go on to have a whole new life without having to purchase new clothing. Thrifted clothes have gained so much traction in the past 5 or so years it is easy to find a resale store near your!


Reusable Shopping Bags

The age old grocery store question: paper or plastic? Actually, you brought your own bag ;). Reusable shopping bags aren't news to anyone either. However, reusable shopping bags have so many uses other than holding your eggs in the checkout line. 

Let's say you are out on the town. It's a beautiful day, walking around, seeing all the little stores. You might not think about it, but so many stores outside of grocery stores use plastic bags when you checkout. This is when a reusable bag would come in handy! In recent years canvas tote bags, largely for this purpose, have taken off. 

Canvas tote bags have so much versatility many people use them as purses one day, shopping bags the next, and then take it to school with all their books on Monday. Luckily enough, we have a selection of large recycled cotton tote bags that are perfect for so many uses. Just think of all the bags you could save or plastic you could avoid by having one bag that you use over and over!


Look for Sustainable Materials

This one is a given. Most of the time you can find eco-friendly alternatives to your favorite products. Sometimes, depending on the product though, a more sustainable version can cost you a bit more. If that difference in price is worth it to you, then give it a go! 

So many of today's products are not and most likely will never be "green". Plastic is here to stay. However, it is important to shop with those you know use sustainable materials and have good business practices. Often times, these are the small companies looking to make big change. If you are ever on the hunt for something new, maybe search up if there is a better alternative out there. You might just feel great you made the change!



All in all, shopping more sustainably takes time. Changing your routine, doing more research, and avoiding things you might normally buy takes time. Wonder Prints is dedicated to making the journey easy, simple, and fun as we use sustainable materials and charge affordable prices on all of our goods. Our products are fully sustainable, uniquely design, and we never charge shipping...ever. Click to shop here!

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