About Us

Check out what we are all about -- how we got started and what our mission is!

We believe in doing the right thing. That's it.

Our Mission

At Wonder Prints we strive to provide cute and fun products that will bring a little joy into your life and a little love back into the planet. We aim to do this by providing the products you already love in a sustainable fashion with free shipping. <3

How We Got Started

Wonder Prints actually started as a completely different company, selling QR code stickers. Our founder and CEO, Grace, realized that if she was going to own a business and affect the lifes of others, then it needs to be in a positive way.

Wonder Prints rebranded and had its first product launch in February of 2022! Since then we have been focused on growth and making sure we do the right thing even in the face of challenges and adversity.

Our Founder

Our founder and CEO, Grace, started Wonder Prints with the dream of helping people and helping the world. She also believes that you can have fun while working. This is the best way to combine the two! All of the designs are her own and she is very excited to keep launching new products!

Where We Are Headed

In the coming months and years we are looking to expand and grow. We want sustainable alternatives to become the norm!

If you have any questions or concerns check out our Contact page.