7 Ways to Use Your Tote Bag

7 Ways to Use Your Tote Bag

If you didn't already know, canvas tote bags are here, and they are here to stay. While tote bags are traditionally used as a fashion statement as their blank faces can easily be customized, they have so many uses! Canvas tote bag users typically find themselves using these bags to carry any and everything. Unlike purses, canvas tote bags are typically large open-pocketed bags with a possible inside pocket. Our Eco-Friendly tote bags are not just a statement with their unique designs, but also a great sustainable addition to your wardrobe with recycled cotton material. You might be wondering, though, why would I choose a tote bag over a normal purse? Here are some great ways to use your tote bag whenever you go!

1. A Trip to the Farmers Market

Imagine yourself doing a quick morning workout, grabbing your daily coffee, and then heading to the market to grab some fresh fruits. That's a dream! But what do you take with you to carry all that fruit? A tote bag! Tote bags, with their large pockets and washable fabric, are a great sustainable option to carry all your goodies home. Reusable shopping bags are just one of the many uses of a canvas tote bag. 

colorful farmers market fruit display

2. Studying at the Library

Whether you are going to return a few books or you are there to cram for an exam, canvas tote bags are perfect for carrying books, computers, and other studying materials. Unlike many traditional purses, canvas tote bags are typically large enough to carry laptop size items. Our tote bags are large enough to fit books, laptops, notebooks, and more! These bags also make great alternatives for a book bag if you would rather carry a shoulder bag. 

3. Shopping with Your Friends 

Just like at the farmer's market, tote bags are a great way to get your shop on and look cute at the same time! Like we mentioned, there are so many tote bags with designs in style you can imagine. Rather than a purse, grab a canvas tote bag to carry all your necessities - you are sure to catch a few compliments. ;)

girl friends taking selfie together with water

4. Hosting a Picnic

Grab that bottle of wine, those charcuterie cheeses, and head to the park! Canvas tote bags can double as an everyday bag, but also a bag to carry everything to you need to have a delightful picnic. You can both strut in style and be the host with the most if you carry that canvas tote bag around. 

5. Working Out at the Gym

Since canvas tote bags can really be used for anything, what makes the gym any different? Toss in your water bottle, headphones, and whatever else you need to make the workout great. It's much easier than a traditional duffel bag, and you can take it with you even after the gym. You can even toss it in the washer time and time again without a worry.

6. Commuting to Work

As mentioned, canvas tote bags are the perfect size to hold laptops, notebooks, etc. Speaking from personal experience, these handy bags make a great option to carry all my work supplies without having to carry a briefcase or large bag. You can take these bags out for the day and then again for the night.

female working on laptop typing

7. Traveling Out of Town

If you are looking to go on a little weekend trip, these bags make perfect overnight bags. If you are a light packer, canvas tote bags are also perfect personal items on a flight. You get the benefits of a purse with the added bonus of all that space!

Of course, there are so many more to add to this list. Canvas tote bags are really great for everyday use, whatever that may be. In the same vain, you can't go wrong going with a bag you know will last wash after wash, and use after use. All of our bags are made from thick, recycled cotton, so if you are looking for a a great bag for you, check out our unique canvas tote bag designs

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