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Best Sustainable Products for Your Wedding Day

The planning and preparation of weddings can be incredibly stressful; however, there is so much joy and fun to be had. Even on such a busy day, many brides want to give unique gifts or add a special little touch for their bridal party. It would be an added bonus if the gifts were sustainable as well! If you are looking for just the right add on, here’s a simplified list of some must have Wonder Prints products for your big day.

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  1. Cream & Sugar Claw Clip

Whether it’s the bachelorette party or the big day, this claw clip is a life saver. Measuring 4 inches in length this handy clip makes for a quick, elegant hairstyle. All of our marble style claw clips are made with Cellulose Acetate and biodegrade once it's time to toss. If you want to be more creative, give our Angel Pink claw clip to your bridesmaids as a unique and eco-friendly gift. 

  1. Lots of Love Recycled Cotton Tote

Hearts are the obvious choice for a day of love, so why not use our “You’ve Got This” tote? The motto in itself is comforting for a day of jitters. Our spacious, recycled tote is perfect for holding the must-haves of the day: tissues, extra makeup, water, and so many other essentials. If you aren’t all for this design option, don’t worry, we have 9 other tote choices for your liking.

  1. Blue & Pink Thank You Card

Gratitude should always be expressed after the wedding. Our thank you cards are a perfect thing to send out after the honeymoon to thank guests for coming. This card is very simple yet says and means a lot to those who receive it. Made with 100% recycled post-consumer waste, these cards are both great for your guests and great for the environment. 

  1. Very Berry Post Card

Our shop has 4 fruit postcard designs that everyone needs in their life. Want something to send love to a friend? Check out our Very Berry card. Need a congratulatory card to send to the bride and groom? Our Congrats, Cutie card is ideal. Want to get drinks with friends after the big day? Send out our Fine Wine and Hard Lemonade postcards. You can’t go wrong with these adorable cards.


After all, your wedding day should be about the little things that bring you and your partner joy. These little goodies are the details that could make your day shine and make great mementoes for you and your bridal party to look back on. 


Sustainability is our forefront mission, and we are dedicated to offering products that are both fun for you and the planet. Along with the above goodies we offer a range of eco-friendly products that make great gifts for yourself and others. Click here to check out all of our groovy products!


-Grace Brackett & Colby Goodwin, Contributing Writers


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